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Dental Veneers

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Why Choose
Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are an excellent method for making instant improvements to the appearance of a person’s smile. Consisting of wafer-like, thin shells, dental veneers are applied on the front surface of a person’s teeth in order to correct noticeable flaws and imperfections immediately. 


By using porcelain veneers, our team at Smile Creators in Bay Harbor Islands Miami, FL, is able to easily correct issues such as misshapen, damaged, and uneven tooth structure.


Because of their amazing simplicity and general versatility, more and more patients are choosing dental veneers as their preferred cosmetic dental treatment for their smile and fixing imperfections.

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Transform Your Smile with Versatile Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers have many applications in cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, this includes:

  • Adjusting the color of teeth

  • Correcting imperfections caused by crooked and misshapen teeth

  • Repairing chipped or damaged teeth

  • Making adjustments in size and shape

Experience the Difference with Our Porcelain
Dental Veneers

Once applied on a person’s teeth, porcelain veneers are nearly invisible, as they provide the appearance of healthy, white tooth enamel.


Since veneers are constructed from special stain-resistant materials, they are usually not prone to being discolored because of contact with tobacco products and dark-colored beverages like coffee, wine and juice.


When cared for properly, a set of veneers should last for about ten years. Our practice offers different types of veneers such as porcelain veneers and composite veneers, as well as the Lumineers brand of veneers for your smile.

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Your Journey to a Perfect Smile: The Veneer Procedure

When applying porcelain, composite or lumineers brand of veneers, the first step to these dental procedures is to shave off a small amount of natural tooth enamel on any tooth that is designated for veneer treatment.


This is done to make space for the veneers. Next, an etching solution is applied to the natural teeth. This roughens their outer surfaces and helps the veneers bond more easily. After the teeth have been prepped, the etching solution is washed off, and the teeth are fully dried.


The veneers are then applied to the teeth and secured with a dental adhesive. To learn more about the veneer procedure or to find out how how much a veneers procedure costs, contact our office if you live in North Miami, FL or surrounding areas!

Dr. Ripa's take on Veneers

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