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Dr. Ripa

Meet Dr. Anatoly Ripa, a dedicated dentist with a heart as warm as his smile! Graduating with honors from Stony Brook University, Dr. Ripa embarked on his journey to excellence, earning his doctorate in Dental Medicine and Surgery in 1996. Fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, Dr. Ripa ensures seamless communication with his diverse clientele in Bal Harbour, where he resides with his beloved family. With a commitment to precision and a passion for oral health, Dr. Ripa has been transforming smiles for over 27 years.

Dentistry isn't just a job for Dr. Ripa—it's a lifelong calling that began in his childhood and continues to flourish with each patient he serves. Beyond the dental chair, you'll often find Dr. Ripa indulging in his love for chess, strategizing his next move with the same precision he applies to his practice. Family is paramount to Dr. Ripa; he is happily married to his sweetheart, Oksana, and together they revel in the joys of parenthood with their six wonderful children and their faithful furry companion, Lola.

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At Smile Creator in Bay Harbor Island Miami Florida, Dr. Ripa goes above and beyond to cultivate an environment where every interaction is more than just a dental appointment—it's a memorable experience filled with warmth, compassion, and personalized care. As a dedicated Smile Creator, Dr. Ripa approaches each patient with a commitment to transforming their smiles into radiant expressions of confidence, health, and joy.

Utilizing his extensive expertise and artistic vision, Dr. Ripa meticulously crafts treatment plans tailored to each individual's unique needs and desires. Whether it's enhancing the appearance of a smile with cosmetic procedures or restoring dental health with advanced restorative techniques, Dr. Ripa's goal remains the same: to help his patients achieve the beautiful, healthy smiles they deserve.

With Dr. Ripa's expertise, dedication, and state-of-the-art facility, patients can rest assured that they are receiving the highest standard of dental care in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Dr. Alfred

Dr. Lauren Alfred is a passionate dentist dedicated to helping patients achieve vibrant smiles and optimal oral health. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami, Florida, she brings a vibrant cultural perspective to her practice. 


After graduating from Nova Dental School in 2018, Dr. Alfred pursued further training through a residency at Bronx Care, NY, honing her skills in comprehensive dental care. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she ensures effective communication and personalized care for all her patients.


Dr. Alfred's commitment to excellence extends beyond the clinic. She maintains an active lifestyle, enjoys studying, exploring new destinations, and savoring diverse cuisines. Her dedication to ongoing education ensures that she stays abreast of the latest advancements in dental techniques and treatments, allowing her to provide the highest quality of care to her patients.


With a passion for helping others achieve healthy and beautiful smiles, Dr. Lauren Alfred is devoted to making a positive impact on the lives of her patients, one smile at a time.

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Office Manager

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New Patient Coordinator

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Financial Coordinator

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Dental Assistant

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Dental Assistant

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Social Media Coordinator

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