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Eliminate Chronic Bad Breath / Halitosis with Proven Solutions

Get Rid of Bad Breath in Miami

Halitosis Consultation

Getting Rid of
Halitosis/Bad Breath

Halitosis, more commonly known as chronic bad breath, is a problem that affects many people and can be hard to eliminate. It can make people uncomfortable, affecting their social interactions and self-confidence. 

We receive patients from all over the world to diagnose and treat their halitosis (Bad Breath) and they get to know Miami which is called Medical tourism.


At Smile Creators, led by Dr. Ripa, and the halitosis department supervised by Dr. Liza Klein, a dentist, bacteriologist, founder, and chief chemical formulator of the GoodBreath labs line of oral products, we understand the complexities of this issue and offer a specialized service aimed at diagnosing and effectively treating halitosis in Miami.


Don't let bad breath hold you back, we are here to diagnose whether you have halitosis and provide a lasting solution.


What is the Cause of Halitosis/Bad Breath?

Halitosis can be caused by a variety of factors, and it's essential to identify these to implement an effective treatment plan.

Common causes of halitosis include:

  • Poor oral hygiene leading to bacteria buildup

  • Dry mouth, often caused by certain medications or conditions

  • Gum disease or tooth decay

  • Certain diets or foods that cause bad breath

  • Medical conditions such as sinusitis, gastric reflux, diabetes, etc.

Even with diligent oral care, halitosis can persist if these underlying causes aren't addressed.

Failed Halitosis Remedies

Many people try various solutions in their quest to cure halitosis. Common remedies include antiseptic mouthwashes, tongue scrapers, mints, mouth sprays, and even brushing teeth with baking soda.


While these remedies might offer temporary relief, they often fail to provide a true bad breath treatment. This is because they only mask the symptoms rather than address the underlying causes of halitosis.


To truly resolve bad breath, it's crucial to understand and treat its root causes.

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How Do You Find the Right Bad Breath Cure?

First, you must find the right specialist. At Smile Creators, we believe that the right halitosis cure begins with understanding the exact source of bad breath. Every individual is unique, and their halitosis symptoms may be linked to different problems. That's why Dr. Klein conducts a thorough analysis of potential causes, studying detailed medical and dental histories.


By understanding any past failed remedies and health conditions that could lead to bad breath, we can tailor a treatment plan that offers a lasting solution.


Our goal is to help our patients learn how to cure chronic bad breath permanently by addressing the root causes.


What is Halitosis

The word HALITOSIS is latin, halitus : breath osis: condition. Normally known as BAD BREATH. Its a symptom that indicates that something is not good in our body.

Sometimes it indicates that the patient might have a serious systemic disease helping in this way to be diagnosed and treated. This is why every person with halitosis should be properly diagnosed and have all the tests to determine if he/she has one or more causes. It can also indicate the number one cause that is excess of Anaerobic bacteria that may lead to an infection with a secondary disease.


Normally these anaerobes are born under a white coating that bonds over the top surface of the tongue, made out of tartar, this happens when that side of the tongue is retentive. We all develop tartar but not all of us get it to bond to the tongue. The white layer takes away the oxygen that is right below creating an anaerobic environment this is why anaerobes reproduce, just like any other anaerobic atmosphere; like our arms that take away the oxygen of the underarm creating bacteria that release bad odors.

Not only do we know that anaerobic bacteria are born there, but that is not enough, we have to study their name and last name because some are 'good' and some are 'bad' and can harm our organism in a very bad manner, for example, Helicobacter Pylori; they reproduce at the edge of the coating and can cause cancer in our stomach, this is why we have to diagnose exactly what is reproducing and the exact amount in order to calibrate killing all the bad microorganisms and killing the good bacteria in a way we can measure what we kill ( not all of them ) so we can still have the benefits of the good ones.


The origin of the white coating is physiological we all produce it every day, such as saliva and urine, but what makes it bond to our tongue is the difference of heights in our taste buds, giving mechanical retention. ( retentive tongue) if all of our taste buds would be long, the tartar wouldn't bond, and it would slide not getting attached. These bacteria release 'Volatile Sulfur Compounds' that are the smelly gases causing bad breath.


Diagnosis and Treatments

Basic Diagnosis:
• Oral examination

• Microscope examination

• Saliva culture to determine quantity ( all dry mouths release bad odor) and quality: acidity (PH)

• Pre-diabetes test

• Breath Test: With a “State of the Art” chromatographer “Halisens” device that projects volatile sulfur compounds ( smelly oral gases) into a monitor, leaving back the old halimeter. The chromatography evaluates and “scores your breath instantly “. We measure your breath before and after the bacterium calibration ( killing bacteria eliminates bad breath ) . The first measurement is to know what bacteria are in excess so we can kill exactly what is needed.

• SWABS: A lot of times we discover with the microscope reading some species that are very harmful and do not bring halitosis ( bad breath ) but need to be eliminated for our general health.


            GRAM + anaerobic bacteria

            GRAM - anaerobic bacteria

             - Mycosis (fungus)

             - Parasites

             - Parasite larvae

             - Virus


Complementary Tests

• Diabetes ( in vitro )

• Helicobacter -Pylori ( in vitro)


Can potentially cause cancer. ( every tongue in the world that has a white coating on top of it should run the Helicobacter Pylori test. The white coating and the bad odor are signs that something is wrong and needs evaluation.


There are many times in which there are many causes and other times just one, is not predictable before diagnosis. This is the reason why the evaluation is so deep, this way the treatment can be successful and this social disadvantage can be left behind as soon as possible. Sometimes more than one treatment is necessary. There are 72 causes; so there are also 72 treatments. Our major treatments are:

             - Gas and liquid OZONE- THERAPY

             - Laser therapy

             - Ultrasound dental cleaning.

              - Airflow


Among many others and combinations of them.




1. Dental Caries

2. Gingivitis (Gum Bleeding)

3. Halitosis

The problem is that dentists do not normally diagnose nor treat halitosis, because the universities have not taught them.

50 % of the worlds population has chronic halitosis at the age of 60

Source: American Dental Association

25% of the world's population has chronic halitosis between 10-59 years of age

Source: American Dental Association

30 % of the population in the UShas chronic halitosis


Source: Harvard University

Dr. Ripa is discussing Halitosis with Dr. Klein

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