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Emergency Dental Services in Miami

We're Here For You After Hours For All Your Dental Emergencies

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Dental Emergencies - We're Ready When You Need Us Most

From cracked or broken teeth to severe infections, we provide urgent dental care for a variety of emergencies. Available after hours in Miami. Emergency dental care can be a number of symptoms, such as:

  • Cracked or broken tooth

  • Tooth pain

  • Loosened tooth

  • Lost filling, crown or bridge

  • Gum or tooth infection

  • Extremely swollen gums or jaw pain

  • Cuts inside the mouth that won’t quit bleeding

  • Abscesses

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Experts in Dental

With immediate and expert modern dentistry, your oral health problems can be resolved before they worsen.


Whether you are in need of a major fix or a minor repair, you can call our team with dedicated emergency dental services in Miami.


Our focus will be on relieving your pain quickly with personalized dental care so you can return to living your life.

We Treat Your Dental Emergency As Our Own!

What can we do if we see you on an emergency basis? We will start right away by diagnosing the cause of your problem. Your dental emergency could result from something as simple as a stuck piece of food that can’t be removed with floss. We will find it, remove it and disinfect the area. 

In case of an abscess, our team quickly relieves your pain and provides the necessary antibiotics. This should improve your tooth pain until you can schedule a regular office visit for a more complete resolution. 

A broken tooth may be able to be repaired and a loosened tooth can be secured in the jaw so healing can start.

Our holistic dentistry care starts with a detailed assessment to solve your problem at the source. 


Fast and Reliable Emergency Dental Service in Miami

When a person is seen by an emergency dentist quickly enough after knocking out a tooth, it might be possible to clean that tooth and restore it to the jawbone. This action must take place within 30 minutes. 

We have the skills and the facilities to repair your unexpected injury or dental damage and relieve your pain. Then we can schedule you for further appointments to complete your treatment. 

When you need an emergency dentist in Miami, please call Smile Creators in Bay Harbor Islands, FL.


We will see a patient in pain even during evening hours.

Emergency Advice from Dr. Ripa
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